3 min read
28 Oct

Have you ever looked at Halloween and compared it to your business’s books?  Odd? We agree, but hear me out…

It’s Halloween night, and your children are knocking on all the doors.  They are eager to get all their favorite candy and even the pieces that aren’t delicious, but at that time, it’s all about who has more candy in their bucket.  We have all been there.  The children come home immediately, dump the bucket on the floor and start sorting and counting and sorting into piles of chocolate, gummies, colors, sizes, or even candy vs. snacks.   At that time, you hear the children saying comments, “Mom, I have three chocolate treats,’ or ‘I have all gummies. See where I am going with this?  

Your company's books need the same love, attention, and eagerness to tackle, just like that pumpkin bucket full of candy.   

Your bank accounts need to be reconciled monthly, if not weekly. All parents ask for a candy pile designated as the ‘parent pile.’  

Your entries must be appropriately coded to ensure you know where your expenses are going. 

Your books need to be monitored by a professional to track trends.  Is one street the ‘healthy’ street’ or one month the heavier expense month before a high sales month?  Knowledge is key.

If you have gotten to this point, thank you for sticking it out with me while comparing a bucket full of candy to your company’s books.  Makes more sense now.  As you are walking the streets tonight, think to yourself are you giving the same love, attention, and eagerness to your company’s books?   

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