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07 Jul

What is bookkeeping? To put it as simply as possible, it’s the practice of documenting the comings & goings of monies earned, owed, or lost. It’s been in use (in one form or another) since the dawn of civilization. For the briefest of histories, I can tell you that Bookkeeping and Accounting were part of the bedrock which allowed Mesopotamia to thrive, saw the Egyptian Pharos tame the Nile, and were instrumental in the Romans conquering the known world. Ruling elites worldwide quickly discovered that to have a proper empire (you know, one of those nice shiny ones), you had to maintain accurate and easily understood records of finances. It is even thought that the ancient Egyptians had a position of comptroller within their bookkeeping ranks, which shows how vital this discipline is and has always been.

Modern bookkeeping was invented in 15th-century Italy by Venetian merchants. The revolutionary “double-entry” system of credits & debits saw these merchant families become the most powerful and influential in Europe and gave rise to the basis for all accounting & bookkeeping today.

While the technology has undoubtedly changed beyond recognition, the same Bookkeeping & Accounting systems that helped Middle Age seaport villages turn into Renaissance City-States are still used today by families, thriving businesses, and governments that last more than a few decades. It boils down to the fact that to do whatever it is you want to do; buy a new car, hire more employees or have a crack at conquering another country, you have to know how much you have, how much you are owed, and how much you owe someone else. So with all that information, you’d think that bookkeeping and accounting were staples of our skill sets, right?

Well, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. From small business owners to government department heads, keeping good books and being knowledgeable about when or where the money is coming from or going to is too daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating to tackle. As the old saying goes, It’s easier to spend money than to make it. Well, the missing part of that saying is that it’s even harder to keep track of the money you make or spend. That’s where an expert comes in.

At ShoreSource Business Solutions, we understand the ins & out of bookkeeping. We know the hows, whys & wheres of your finances and work with you to help achieve the success you’ve already worked so hard for.

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