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26 Aug

Client’s Problem:  A successful aquatic business, serving both commercial and residential needs, was thriving, yet at times found themselves ‘swimming against the current.’  The company’s clients were satisfied and happy with the services they were receiving; however, behind the scenes, the company’s business owner was a bit overwhelmed by his payroll, bookkeeping, transactions, etc.  Frustrated with not knowing where the business was financially, the 2020 tax deadline looming, and thoughts of feeling like a fish swimming against the current, he knew he needed professional assistance.   

Challenges of Business: 

  • Unfamiliar with QuickBooks 
  • Not enough time to focus on bookkeeping 
  • Unorganized financials 
  • Improperly categorized transactions 
  • Inefficient Payroll Processing & Distribution to Employees 
  • No financial reports 
  • Lack of proper inventory 
  • Confusion with setting up products and services in QuickBooks 

 Our Solutions: ShoreSource Business Solutions was able to step in immediately and help this business – most importantly get organized and feel more in control over their finances. Step 1: ShoreSource reviewed the books for 2020 through 2021. 

Step 2: Organized and caught up on all the bank transactions that were not categorized in QuickBooks. 

Step 3: Generated a P&L to give an overview of where the business stood financially. 

Step 4: Advised on best practices moving forward in the business.  (The company was now swimming with the current! 😉) 

Step 5: Took over the payroll process – added everything into QuickBooks and set up direct deposit for all staff.  In addition, Shoresource was able to file and pay payroll taxes on behalf of the business. 

Step 6: Trained the business owner on best practices for QuickBooks to better understand how to use and what reports were beneficial for finances.  Step 7: Audited all expenses and discussed cash flow/budgeting through the ShoreFlow tool (remember this?) Step 8: Outsourced his future bookkeeping needs to Shoresource Business Solutions.  We can sit down and discuss future business decisions and review the financial implementations (ie. hiring, salaries, etc.).    

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