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28 Aug

Here at ShoreSource Business Solutions, we hear this question more frequently than not.  What is the difference between a bookkeeper and a CPA?   

You are correct in thinking that both, a bookkeeper and a CPA, work with businesses on their financial data.  And yes, both are needed.  Check out the table below to learn the differences. 



Accountants / CPAs 

Responsible for recording financial transactions 

Responsible for analyzing financial data 

Records and classifies all transactions accurately in a financial software program 

Assists with long term financial planning decisions for the business 

Responsible for storing documents and records for tax purposes 

Pulls together documents and records and analyzes for tax purposes 

Prepares and pulls financial reports 

Prepares tax reports and represents you to tax authorities 


In the past, bookkeepers kept all business transactions in a hard-copy ledger.  Yes, books and books and books stacked up in an office.  With today's technology, most bookkeepers use computer software, such as QuickBooks, to record all financial transactions.    

Accountants and CPAs are responsible for analyzing all the data that is recorded by the bookkeeper.  Can you imagine if a business did not have the past years' worth of transactions (all the money moving in and out of the business) organized and classified correctly?  Talk about a nightmare of a situation.   

As you can see, bookkeepers and CPAs are critical members of your financial team.  As a business owner, do your part and ensure that your financials are organized, recorded, and analyzed adequately with a group of professionals. You will thank us later!  


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