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17 Apr

We have all heard the stories of enormous tax bills and life-altering audits that bring business and daily life to a grinding halt. The truth is that these things may have been avoided.

Less is not always more. DIY tax software promises that any novice can traverse the 70,000 pages of tax code with just a few clicks. But the reality is that you get what you pay for. If someone with no tax experience does their taxes, there would be mistakes, red flags, and missed deductions. It is just not possible to navigate the complexities of tax law while maintaining the daily operations of your home or office. You could pay more in taxes than was necessary if you do not know how to input the itemized deductions you qualify for or categorize income or revenue properly.

Time is money. A novice will always take longer and make more mistakes than a professional. Our busy lives keep most people maxed out, and our tax bills are too important to be rushed. Sitting down with a professional a few times a year to ensure that your finances are in order is guaranteed less time commitment than an audit.

Get ahead of it. When you have the steady eye of a professional on your finances, you can prepare for the changes coming rather than survive them. It is possible to project your future tax bill and make payments in advance rather than having to produce a windfall of money all at once with a looming deadline. And with every change of government, there is a change to the taxes you owe; a tax expert will be able to predict these changes and protect your money.

We highly encourage everyone to reach out and see how working with a bookkeeper can, and will, make your life easier pre, post, and during tax season. Bookkeepers and CPAs work hand-in-hand and genuinely make excellent business partners for your business.

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