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07 Sep

What’s the difference between a LLC and anS-Corp? One of the most asked questions we hear.  So let’s dive in.

LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp are all examples of how your company could be structured / the entity you register your company under with the IRS.  

Details include the following:

  • Type of Ownership•Eligible Owners
  • Management Overview
  • Locations of Ownership
  • Liabilityof Owner
  • Duration 
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Tax Rate
  • Pass-Through of Losses
  • Fiscal Year•
  • Liabilities and Basis
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Tax Upon Sale

Here are a couple of differences of an LLC vs. S-Corp.


We highly encourage you to sit down with a professional to discuss what entity is best for your business or if you believe you are in a position to change your filing status.  Like mentioned, taxes, owner structure, timeline/duration are all important key factors when deciding on what is the best design for your business.  

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