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01 Mar

Matt Buckner, Founder of ShoreSource Business Solutions, knew early in age he wanted to be an entrepreneur.   Matt comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so naturally, it was in his blood and something he thought of often. He found himself looking at different situations and asking, "how can I make this better or improve this process?".   It wasn't until college that Matt found his passion for accounting. Initially, Matt's path was to become a CPA in the public accounting sector; however, after working at a small bookkeeping firm, he saw the light.  Said differently, he saw an opportunity to begin his entrepreneurship journey.  He saw a chance of working with businesses virtually, thanks to new technology. In 2014, Matt's current employer laid off a handful of employees, and fortunately for Matt, this was his time to shine and take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. Don't they always say things work out in the strangest of ways! Matt dived headfirst into the opportunity.  He purchased countless books on starting a business and used his interpersonal skills to start networking and growing ShoreSource Business Solutions.    

In February of 2014, Matt's dad gave him the opportunity of managing his business's books. You know you will succeed when your dad approaches you with the confidence of managing his books!    This was the first client of ShoreSource Business Solutions.  The rest is history!   

Matt's expertise and diverse experiences set him apart in the field.  Matt has worked in the hospitality industry, working with restaurants and hotels, to a large global pharmaceutical company.    

ShoreSource Business Solutions continues to grow and succeed in the marketplace, offering the following services: bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, QuickBooks training, and Virtual Controller.  Feel free to reach out to learn more on how ShoreSource Business Solutions can help you and your business.     

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