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09 Jun

Small businesses often choose QuickBooks because it is known to simplify business finances and makes taxes, dare we say, easier.  It condenses the number of applications necessary to track income, expenses, inventory, employee expenses, and more into one program. The condensed program allows the business owner to run the reports the business's accountant will need to file taxes without stress.  With all the amazing features QuickBooks offers and the opportunity for reports and data to adjust a business's finances, it is sometimes best to have a guide to help you through learning and use the program to its full potential.  This is where a QuickBooks ProAdvisor comes in to help.

Have you ever gotten a new car and had to go to the manual to get the directions in order to use a feature that you know the car has but can’t seem to figure out how to use?  Have you spent hours trying to read and figure out what that manual is telling you to do?  A ProAdvisor is your own personal manual on all things QuickBooks in human form.  In so many situations, perhaps you are like me and have thought to yourself, I wish I could call someone, and they could help me.  That is the role of ShoreSource as a ProAdvisor when it comes to QuickBooks.

A certified ProAdvisor has been through the training and testing to meet Intuit's excellent standards.  They have not only the bookkeeping skills necessary for the success of a small business but also the knowledge of the QuickBooks program.  The relationship with a ProAdvisor is a time saver for the business owner allowing the business owner to be able to focus on the business rather than the QuickBooks software.

Perhaps most frustrating when needing help is not knowing where you are calling or if the person on the other end of the phone understands what you are asking.  With a QuickBooks ProAdvisor you are connected with someone local to your area.  This means that they understand your region, your industry, and perhaps have even visited your business.  With a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, it’s personal, it’s relational, it’s worth it!

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