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30 Nov

As companies prepare for the upcoming holiday season of discounts and sales, there are a few essential things to consider regarding your company and its holiday sales bookkeeping!  Here are three things to remember during the “season of giving {discounts}”!

Let’s think wise this holiday season by creating discounts that will bring in business after the sale season has come and gone. One specific way to do this is to provide a discount code via text only when the customer inputs an e-mail or phone number.  This helps create a direct line of communication between the company and its patrons beyond one sale.

Doorbusters are another great way to prolong the sale season. What if you provided a different product as a discount each day for seven days with free shipping if you spent a minimum amount? This could increase the traffic on your website, which can create a habit for consumers to review your company's site, especially if you keep the discounts continual for multiple days.

Often, we get asked what the best discount is for a company to use during this sale season.  While it would be nice if there were a one-fit answer, it depends on the company and the profit margins that need to be met. A buy one, get one 50% off sale is the right fit. However, that could be a sale that would cause a loss for another company.  Perhaps providing “bonus bucks” to use later is the right fit for your company or a storewide discount. The decision needs to be based on profit margins and what is best for the business.

For all these reasons, using a professional bookkeeper ensures that a product or service discount is still creating a margin appropriate to generate revenue. Don’t do this alone!  Many companies do not surround themselves with people who specialize in the financial aspects of the business.  A bookkeeper’s job is to track these critical margins and trends to help guide a company into financial success while still giving the customer what they want... a discount!

If you have not already decided, this is the season to gift your company a year full of financial bliss by hiring a professional bookkeeper to guide it to its most successful fiscal year yet!

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