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21 Feb

A financial controller is a professional hired to oversee all financial bookkeeping and day-to-day financial operations. Financial Controllers are individuals who pay close attention to details and keep the bigger picture in mind when advising on financial decisions for a business. Our goal for your company is to ensure accuracy and increase productivity.

Business-minded individuals ask themselves the same question with every decision: Will this decision benefit my business by increasing revenue, growth, culture, etc.? Statistics are easy to show the many benefits because, as financial controllers, we all deal with numbers; however, below are a few qualitative reasons to hire a financial controller!   


1. A financial controller generates reports and interprets the numbers for your company's goals.   

A financial controller's role is to actively and continually maintain reconciliations. This allows for a more precise bookkeeping procedure rather than simply looking at monthly figures. A business that is overall successful financially still has areas of opportunities to improve and learn from. Hiring a financial controller will help eliminate and find these areas before they could cause a larger issue.   

2. A financial controller offers GAAP compliance for your company. 

A financial controller is skilled in generating the appropriate reports and statements necessary to meet the requirements set by GAAP.  If your company is looking for investors, a financial controller is key in providing information for this process. 

3.  A financial controller looks toward the future of the business's finances.   

A controller is hired to advise a company on protection and growth financially.  They are not only looking at the numbers from today but also the company's growth potential in the future based on trends and statistical analysis. 

4. A financial controller ensures fraud safety. 

A financial controller is hired to conduct fraud risk assessments regularly to ensure your business is safe. A financial controller performs this analysis through auditing and reporting to find problems as soon as they are present. 

If you want to hear more about the benefits of hiring ShoreSource Business Solutions as your financial controller, call or email us so we can turn your questions into answers!  

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