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08 Feb

How many different platforms do you use to keep track of your payroll, PTO, banking, tax information, inventory, scheduling, and the list continuesWe know you are likely adding them all up as you read this. We will help you out; there are SO MANY!  

Online access to your banking, books, schedule, and inventory might be effortless to access; however, are they working together? Are all of these platforms working  efficiently and effectively for you? As you might remember in the previous blog, “The Importance of a [System], we mentioned the words “efficiently and effectively.” This will be a trend in this blog series. 

Many online platforms promise easier access, management, and visibility; however, are they helpingIf there is information stored across multiple platforms, such as scheduling, online banking, inventory management, do you check each one to ensure you have the correct dataConsider this, you are in the middle of transferring data from one online platform to another, and a customer walks in the door. Your focus shifts to your customer, which it should. Twenty minutes pass and you return to your task; you miss adding a zero to the number you are transferring over to another platform. Human error is a reality, and it happens. How do you mitigate the risk?  

Here is where we preach the importance of integrating your software and platforms. Integration takes all of those various platforms and programs we discussed, connects one to another, and uses them all hand in hand. How do you integrate? Lucky for us, most of the software that we, as bookkeepers, use is straightforward if you know your login information. We recommend reaching out to a professional bookkeeper if you need help getting [integrated].  

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