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16 May

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used bookkeeping softwares by most small business owners. It is also an invaluable part of running a small business, at least in our opinion. The systems and tools available through this software make bookkeeping manageable. But just like any skill, there is a learning curve when starting. Yes, QuickBooks is intuitive to some, but to others, it doesn’t come as quickly – and it doesn’t have to be.   Have you considered outsourcing or speaking to a professional about learning the ropes of the program? As we all experience growth in our businesses, the functions that you need from your bookkeeping software become more complicated. Don’t rely on YouTube or a friend for advice. Trust us, the information is often unreliable and can quickly turn into a big headache.

Your business should be significant enough to invest in QuickBooks training to increase your knowledge base. Even as you contemplate outsourcing your bookkeeping, do you fully understand the jargon and functionality of QuickBooks? How will you know how to ask for what you need? It helps to understand what is possible with the software, how to find the information you need efficiently, how to troubleshoot issues, how to hold the bookkeeper accountable, etc.

Let going through QuickBooks training be motivated by your desire to keep your business healthy and efficient rather than fear. An investment in QuickBooks education can help keep the future you desire for your business bright. Be sure to call us today to learn how ShoreSource Business Solutions can help you learn about QuickBooks.

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