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16 May

Most people start small businesses for many intangible reasons: building a legacy, freedom, self-expression, passion, or meeting a need. And while these things may get you out of bed and off to work every day, the numbers are how outsiders will gauge your success. Investors, banks, lenders, and potential clients often want the statistics that define your business to be offered to them to measure your company. They want to understand where their money is going and how successful they have managed what they have. A high-quality bookkeeper will produce these numbers that can inspire your partners.

So what holds you back? Why are you still trying to do it yourself?


Investing in quality bookkeeping will come at a cost, but management data will be invaluable in creating a picture of your success. We also know that “time is money” and that your time is better spent growing your business than compiling data. Why should someone else invest in your enterprise if you are not investing in your own company by hiring a bookkeeper? There are economical ways to have a quality system to be organized no matter your budget.


It does require significant trust to allow another person or new software to manage the numbers that define your work. However, software today often utilizes systems for backing up your files on the cloud and offers customer service support so that you do not have to fear a malfunction destroying your accounts. Laws, contracts, liability clauses, meetings, and careful selection of who you work with can minimize the fear you face in hiring a bookkeeper. Trust us; it’s worth it.


We don’t know what we don’t know. Take some time to meet with a bookkeeper to ask about the value of bookkeeping for your business. Research the options available to you for managing your financials. Ask other small business owners what benefits they have experienced from investing in their bookkeeping. It is better to move forward with confidence than to remain paralyzed with questions or insecurities and miss out on the acceleration your company could experience through quality bookkeeping.

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