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29 Oct

The countdown is on, let’s be honest.  The holidays are RIGHT around the corner, and you know what that means, correct?  Tax Season is looming.  But as a business owner, you shouldn’t be worrying about the upcoming holiday tax season if you are in your peak sales season or just simply trying to take some time away from the business with friends and family.  But at the end of the day, are your books ready to have all of your tax documents prepared? 

We don’t judge; it’s ok if you responded with “no.”  You are not alone. 

Here are three scenarios for you to consider hiring an outsourced bookkeeper:  

  1. You are months and months behind on reconciling your books.  Let’s be honest; maybe you never have.  We encourage you to reconcile and get your books in order before your CPA knocks on your door and asks for all of the reports. At ShoreSource Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping our clients stay up to date with their books.  It’s necessary, and will help you be better prepared for tax season. 
  2. Your business has a high and low sales season, and you often wonder, ‘will we make it to the next high season?  Hiring a bookkeeper to help monitor and track these sales trends is essential when planning for your business.  Imagine being able to sit down and look at a report of your annual sales, month by month, followed by expenses, and being able to see trends or, said differently, what’s to come.  Bookkeepers are not fortune tellers, but the numbers typically don’t steer you down the wrong path.  
  3. Cash flow is a problem. We have all been there, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.  You need a bookkeeper if you are battling cash flow problems within your business.  Working with a professional will give you the insight and confidence that your expenses are being paid at the right time.  Matt Buckner, the owner of ShoreSource Business Solutions, created a custom tool named ShoreFlow - a tool to help monitor cash flow and budgeting.

Don’t let the looming tax season bring you down during the holidays.     

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